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Desiccant Breathers

  • Standard Disposable Breathers
Standard Disposable Breather Des-Case’s Standard Disposable Breathers have been designed to work in a wide variety of industries and applications. The breather’s resilient, integrated nylon standpipe ensures that it can easily combat high vibration and volatile environments. Each breather is outfitted with a clear, rugged polycarbonate casing that allows easy view of color-indicating desiccant in order to monitor when the breather should be replaced. With over 25 years of contamination control expertise, Des- Case breathers attack the source of contamination, making the products an affordable and cost effective solution to extend lubricant life and to increase equipment productivity.
Benefits & Models:
  • Elimination of water-contaminated oil which leads to additive stripping
  • Elimination of rust-forming condensation
  • Elimination of sludge deposits
  • Less abrasive particles to prolong machine operating life
  • Longer oil and oil filter life
  • HydroGuard Hybrid Breathers
HydroGuard Hybrid Breather The patented Hydroguard™ Hybrid Breather is the ideal solution for the management of lubricant in:


  • Frequent wash-down applications
  • Frequent cycle applications
  • Applications in which the breather bladder can maintain a sealed system
  • High humidity environments where there are increased incidences of gearbox and lubricant failure due to moisture ingress
  • Low-flow applications
  • High-humidity applications
The Hydroguard Hybrid Breathers handle air volume caused by thermal expansion and contraction only. The threaded standpipe design can easily be adapted to any size reservoir opening. Please see below for details on all Hydroguard™ Hybrid Breather models.
  • VentGuard Hybrid Breathers
VentGuard Hybrid Breather Ventguard™ Hybrid Breathers are outfitted with check valves to ensure no excess pressure or vacuum builds inside the equipment system. The interior check valves on the Ventguard™ hybrid breather virtually isolate equipment from surrounding contaminants. The Ventguard™ Hybrid Breathers are the ideal for the management of lubricant in:


  • Limited wash-down applications (the Ventguard™ may spend more quickly in a frequent wash-down situation due to the lack of the bladder)
  • Infrequent cycle applications
  • Applications in which the headspace is much larger than the Hydroguard™ breather bladder can maintain
  • Low-flow applications
  • High-humidity applications
The Des-Case Ventguard™ Hybrid Breather comes in a variety of models that can easily adapt to any machinery application. Please see below for details on all Ventguard™ Hybrid Breather models.
  • Extreme Duty Breathers
Extreme Duty Breather Every element of Des-Case’s Extreme Duty Disposable Breathers has been designed to take contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of applications in challenging environments. Des-Case Extreme Duty Breathers attack the cause of contamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs – out of your equipment.

Benefits & Models:

  • Automotive grade molded housing for increased vibration resistance
  • Ideal for harsh environments, high temperatures, and mobile and nautical applications
  • Multi-tiered filtration process
  • Water vapor adsorbent
  • Optional check valve system extends product life even further
  • Rebuildable Steel Breathers
Rebuildable Steel Breather Rebuildable Steel Breathers were designed specifically for applications where there are very high temperatures, extremely polluted air, or a corrosive environment. They are ruggedly designed, with housings of powder-coated carbon steel or stainless. The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polypropylene filter material. This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit. The 1-micron pleated filter has a large surface area, resulting in long service life. Like the bag filter, it is easily replaced without removing the breather from service. Rebuildable Steel Breathers accommodate large air flow rates with minimal pressure drops.

Benefits & Models:

  • Elimination of water contamination in oil and other fluids
  • Elimination of rust and corrosion inside the container
  • Increased oil and filter life
  • Reduced abrasive wear, down-time, and repair costs
  • Improved lubricant performance
  • Eliminates chemical reactions, or spoilage
  • More reliable equipment performance
Des-Case recommends use of a pressure/relief valve on any tank or storage system

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