Condition Monitoring

Monitor and Diagnose Your Lubricant Health

The Des-Case/RMF condition monitoring solutions allow you to continuously monitor the health of your lubricants in real time.  They provide early detection of system upsets, avoidance of equipment failures, and unplanned downtime.  This saves you money, maintains operational efficiency and provides one less headache for you and your organization.  These sensors can monitor oil degradation, water ingress, oxidation levels, moisture and temperature levels, and particulate contamination.


Contamination Monitoring Sensor

The CMS in-line contamination monitor automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various fluids.  It is designed specifically to be mounted directly to systems, where ongoing measurement or analysis is required, and where space and cost are limited.

Contamination Monitoring Sensor

Oil Quality Sensor

The Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) puts you in control with real-time monitoring of oil degradation and water ingress.  Over 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination than any other dielectric constant measuring sensor, it provides real-time monitoring of water ingress and oxidation levels.

Oil Quality Sensor

Contamination Monitoring Center

The Systems Condition Monitoring Center (CMC) combines technology to enable sampling on low pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems where aeration can be an issue.  The CMC suppresses the air bubbles so they are no longer counted as particles.  It also allows for continuous particle monitoring on systems where no oil pressure is evident.

Condition Monitoring Center

Portable Laser Particle Counter

The Portable Laser Particle Counter detects the ISO Cleanliness levels of various media.  These compact units are easy to handle for mobile and inline applications for systems with pressures up to 400 bar / 5801 PSI.

Portable Laser Portable Counter

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