Lubricant Filtration

Filter and Purify Your Lubricants

Did you know that new oil is typically 4-8 times dirtier than recommended for critical applications? If you are lubricating your critical assets with oil straight from the barrel, you are certainly contaminating your equipment.  Filtration Systems are ideal tools to clean new oil, remediate contaminated systems, flush new equipment during commissioning, or periodically decontaminate systems to meet target cleanliness levels.

Filter Cart

Filter carts offer portable, offline filtration and are ideal for use on small to medium-sized reservoirs with low flow rates.  They are fully customizable with options for flow rate, connections, filters, and more.

flow cart

Handheld Drum Topper

Compact, portable, and customized for your application, the handheld drum topper is an option you can carry wherever you need to go or affix securely atop an old drum.

drum topper

Drum Filter Cart

The drum filter cart is a customizable, all-in-one cart that is ideal for pre-cleaning, protecting, and transferring oil from a conveniently attachable, secured drum.  A drum adapter kit with a desiccant breather is included for complete contamination control.

drum filter cart

RMF Filter Units

Maintain oil cleanliness and quality with the RMF Systems filter units.  They are offered with and without SMART options for monitoring oil cleanliness and relative humidity.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.57.12 PM

Panel Units

Panel units are ideal for mineral-based industrial fluids in small to medium-sized reservoirs with low flow rates.  The panel unit can be mounted where you need it most for applications that need regular filtration, or a maintenance location where you bring equipment to be filtered.  Compact panel units available for critical applications and difficult-to-access equipment.



Vacuum Dehydrators

Vacuum Dehydrator (VAC) systems are designed to remove 100% of free and emulsified water and at least 90% of dissolved water from petroleum and synthetic-based fluids, as well as 100% of free gases and at least 90% of dissolved gases.  Designed for continuous, unattended duty the VAC system doesn’t require vacuum tower maintenance or costly coalescing filter element replacements.


Vacuum Dehydrator

Mobile Equipment Kits

Mobile equipment kits provide filtration with depth media for a constant contamination control solution at very low ISO cleanliness levels.  These systems provide preventative measures to keep dust, dirt, debris, and water out of engine or hydraulic oils and keep your mobile equipment running at peak capacity.

Mobile Equipment Kits

TC Series Filtration

The TC Series represents the highest quality and most rugged systems available for purifying industrial oils.  They are capable of removing particles and/or free water from all types of oil – even high viscosity gear oils.  The TC Series systems can remove everything from large particles and debris, sludge varnish and waste contamination.

tc series

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