Visual Oil Analysis

View and Assess Your Lubricant Health

It is important to observe the health and level of your lubricants so that you can take proper actions to protect your critical assets.  Most OEM viewports can become foggy and dirty preventing you from effectively assessing the condition of your oil.  By installing our visual oil analysis products you receive a 360°view of oil clarity and color, sediment, and water contamination in the oil.

3-D BullsEye

The 3-D BullsEye, made of a high-performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate and accurate visual oil level monitoring from virtually any angle.  Engineered to outperform and outlast traditional viewports, the inherently strong material provides excellent impact, chemical and UV resistance.  Available in a range of NPT, Metric, and BSPP sizes.


Oil Sight Glass

The oil sight glass allows an immediate visual inspection of oil and the ability to drain any accumulated water with a spring-loaded drain valve.  Versatile polyamide design can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in 1 or 3 ounces with multiple connection sizes.  Additional options include large-volume acrylic in 16 or 32 ounces and a high-temp version.

Oil Sight Glass

Oil Level Indicator

The oil level indicator was developed to gauge the oil level inside large tanks, gearboxes, and reservoirs. A clear acrylic column with level marker stickers, designate running and idle oil levels.  Available in a range of heights from 3-30”.

Oil Level Indicator

Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor

View oil color, clarity, and water accumulation or other contaminates while monitoring the level of oil in the reservoir with the oil sight glass level monitor.  A dual port version is available to draw representative oil samples without pulling outside contaminants. Available in a range of heights from 3-24”.

Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor

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