Fluid Handling

Store and Transfer Without Contaminantion

Clean, filtered lubricants must be appropriately stored and transferred to critical assets.  Simply exposing clean oil to plant air can substantially affect its cleanliness.  It is recommended to use a system of storage tanks and transfer containers with quick connects to transfer your oil through a closed system, isolated from outside contaminants.

LT-Series Lubricant Management System

Simple, stackable, and easy storage meets solid contamination control practices in a unique design with the LT-LMS.  Dedicated filtration per container ensures no contamination of fluids, while desiccant breathers prevent dirt and water ingression.


IsoLink Oil Transfer Containers

The first best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer.  With non-desiccant and desiccant breather options, as well as quick connects for clean filling, IsoLink isolates oil from the environment providing the ultimate in best practice contamination control.  Many configurations available.

IsoLink Oil Transfer Containers

Mobile Utility Cart

The Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart is the latest offering in fluid storage and handling products to improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life.  This 3-in-1 mobile system combines filtration, storage, and handling in one simple solution to keep your lubricants clean and dry. With the ability to deliver multiple oil types to multiple assets, the Mobile Utility Cart is like a portable filtration system, transfer container, and lube room all rolled into one!

Mobile Utility Cart

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